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Kings Program stands for kids with immense, necessary, and ground-breaking self worth. This program was developed by a male teacher and former police offer. The purpose of the program is to teach boys the importance of having self confidence and self worth.
8 hour program

Standards of BEAUTY for men
Goal Setting
Health and Wellness
Decision Making

BEAUTY Program
“BEAUTY” Program stands for Building Excellence, Ambition, and Unity in Teens and Youth. The purpose of the program is to teach female teens about social and life skills.
8-hour program

Standards of BEAUTY
Dating Etiquette
Goal Setting
Health and Wellness
Decision Making

Conflict Resolution
“Peace Keep” Conflict Resolution Program teaches participants how to identify and deal with conflict. The purpose of this program is to teach children the steps to handle conflict before and after a situation becomes a crisis. This program is taught though various interactive activities.
      10-hour program
Anger Management
How to handle a bully
The Art of debate
Private Approach vs. Public Approach
How to recognize an instigator
  Recognizing  conflict prior to crisis
Handling Rejection


Survival Kit for the Real World
“The Survival Kit to the Real World” Career and Life Skills Program teaches youth about the basics of conducting and completing a job search. Participants will also learn basic etiquette skills.
7-hour program

Basic etiquette skills for greeting others
Basic Networking skills
How to create a resume
How to create a cover letter
How to prepare for an interview
How to answer interview questions

The Young Inventor's Program
“Young Inventors” Program teaches participants about famous inventors and inventions. Students will learn how inventions can make our lives better.  The purpose of the program is to teach students how to create and protect their own inventions.
      13-hour program
How inventors develop their products
  Exploring inventors self-awareness
How inventors become famous
How movies can be a form of an invention
  Various roles in making a product
The art of sketching an invention
Money Moves Program
“Money Moves” Financial Literacy Program helps participants build basic financial skills. The purpose of this program is to teach children about money management and investing through games, role-plays and other fun and interactive methods. This program includes the purchase of two games: Monopoly andCashflow for Kids. We teach you how to use one game for a class of 25 students by playing in teams! Games can be purchased on our website in the Store section.
16-hour program

The difference between liabilities and assets
Banks, Savings and checking accounts
Buying and selling stocks
Budgeting to manage income and spending
Process of making major purchases
The basics and importance of insurance
The difference between good and bad debt
Principle and interest
How to calculate interest
Introduction to Business
Starting a Part-Time Business
Introduction to Business Plan
Budgeting and Negotiation Skills
Financial Literacy Review Game


Money Moves Service Program
“Money Moves” Service Learning Project lets participants design creative tools to teach other students, parents, community members, and teachers financial literacy concepts learned in the “Money Moves” Financial Literacy Program.  Students can choose the following methods to teach financial literacy…
12-hour program

Teaching methods:
Creating a financial literacy children’s book Creating a financial literacy coloring book
Conducting a financial literacy game day
Producing/Performing financial literacy play


Head of the Class Leadership Program
“Head of the Class” Leadership Program teaches participants how to demonstrate leadership among their peers and adults. The purpose of this program is to teach children that leadership qualities can be learned. The goal is to discover their leadership qualities. This program is taught though various interactive activities.
      10-hour program
How to lead individuals and peers
How to lead by being of services to others
How to identify a leader and a follow
Positive and negative leadership qualities
Public Speaking
The difficult aspects of being a leader
Preparation to become a leader


“Start ‘Em Up” Business Program teaches students introductory business lessons. Students will learn basic business concepts by playing fun business games, starting a real class-based business, and making money.
12 hour program

Turning ideas and talents into a business
Setting business goals
Analyzing your business competition
Writing a business plan
Determining start-up costs
The difference between profit and loss
The purpose of a receipt
Completing an income statement

“Simply Outrageous Math” teaches students how to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, powers, and percentages problems in their head through math games. This program teaches students faster and more efficient alternatives to solving math problems.
12 hour program

Mentally adding and subtracting 2-digits
Mentally adding and subtracting 3-digits
Calculating multiples of 5 and 11 quickly
Calculating multiples of 10 and 100 quickly
Calculating multiples of 1,000 quickly
Squaring numbers that end in 5 quickly
Finding 5% and 10% of a number faster

“5 Fab Literacy & Vocab Games and Activities
uses fun games and interactive activities to teach
students new vocabulary words. Students use
critical thinking skills to guess definitions. Students
create phrases and synonyms related to words. Games
and group activities help students internalize words.
                         6 hour program